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When someone seeks enjoyment or pleasure, should the experience not be pure and simple? Igniting charcoal should be very simple. It should be clean, safe, quick and convenient. Shishavac is "shisha smart" and brings cleanliness and pleasure in even preparing your charcoals. With Shishavac, now you can ignite charcoal with an ideal simplicity you're currently seeking.

Are you looking for a way to ignite coals that is simple, clean and quick? Just fill the basket with coals, place in the machine and turn the knob. That's it! …really

Shishavac contains an electric coil approaching 800 degrees Celsius. This method ignites the coals by contact, rather than contaminating the coals with the taste incurred by fire flame methods.

Its closed configuration and smoke filter prevents coal preparation from making a mess of ash and dust, and its smoke filter is washable, so don't even worry about constant replacement.

Shishavac's electric coil operates on a knob timer and automatically shuts off when finished.

… but we don't expect you to wait around to watch coal ignite, by all means go and prepare yourself the finest head of moaassel, because Shishavac will tell you when it's ready. A series of beeps will call you to the unit to begin your session of relaxation.

We hope you enjoy!