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How do you maintain the cleanliness of your hose if you don't have the means of doing so?   

It was only after we built our first prototype we realized how dirty these hoses can become.  Have you ever found yourself spitting particles you've inhaled due to your dirty hose?  We all want a clean pipe, but how do we get there? 

Shishavac is the solution.  Before your session, Shishavac removes these particles you sometimes don't even feel yourself inhaling. (Click here to see what was removed from our first prototype)

You might say, "Well, I will just get a new hose when this one gets dirty!"  …but do you actually buy a new one every time your hose gets dirty?  . 

You might say, "I clean my hose with water and it's easy!" …but after some testing we found that water makes the coil hoses even dirtier!  Depending on the hose manufacturer, water can rust the inner coil and in any case cause an acceleration of particle build-up.  Either situations increase your chance of inhalation of harmful particles.  Water should never be used for coil hoses unless designed specifically.

The reality is that you smoke from dirty hoses.

The Shishavac brings a unique assurance of simplicity and purity to each of your shisha sessions.

Shishavac air blasts particulate matter into an air filter using a powerful 600 watt blower; and it's easy,  just grab both ends of your hose and insert into the two ports.  The push of your hands into the ports activates the motor. The cleaning cycle is less than ten seconds and conveniently implements an automatic shut off.   Don't worry about your hose not fitting; its ports are conical to be used with any size shisha hose on the market!

Finally, now your hose can be clean and you ready for a pure smoke.